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Services are provided at hourly or project rates. Depending on your business’ needs, you may benefit from using our monthly-retainer service. For more information, email

How We Work: We like to start with a conversation about your business needs. The services we provide are customized to support each individual client. Some of our clients need complete brand creation (logo, collateral, website, etc.) and some just need help organizing their staff documents so that all of their staff can access them online and by mobile device. We pride ourselves on creating economic solutions that maximize your investment. Let’s talk more about how we can support you and make your life a little easier: schedule a meeting with

Marketing Support

Ad and Collateral Support

  • Create a Marketing Calendar with Clients
  • Create collateral materials (brochures, postcards, coupons, etc.) on an as-needed basis

SEO Support

  • Create and install a sitemap
  • Submit your website to the major search engines and internet directories
  • Install Google analytics code for easy tracking and monitoring.
  • Review and implement a keyword strategy for your Meta Data
  • Use the strategy to inform original content creation

Social Media Support

  • Create an “editorial” calendar that will include your events, promotional opportunities and more
  • Create original content for your website and social media channels 
  • Monitor your networks to ensure you’re not missing messages, responding to requests, etc.
  • Build who you are following and interact with those people/businesses to create meaningful engagement
  • Engage team members by creating opportunities to participate 

Brand Identity and Creation 

  • Research and develop a brand identity
  • Deliver 3 – 5 sample Logos to give client 
  • Provide a style guide for the selected logo
  • Expand your identity with a verbal and visual style guide
  • Create comprehensive collateral materials incorporating your brand (business cards, business systems, social media art)
Website Development
  • Organize client’s existing information to optimize user experience
  • Work with clients existing identity, art and copy to create look of the site
  • All sites are responsive – optimized viewing for all devices
  • Use content management system (WordPress or Joomla) and a customized template
  • All sites built on your own hosting account
  • Incorporate existing systems that the business uses into the Web site
  • Create a user’s manual and guide to teach staff how to update the site
  • Email account settings will be updated as directed by client
  • Install google analytics for easy tracking of user data
  • Site will include metadata that is search engine optimized
  • Content from existing site will be moved to the new site



Consulting Services
  • Team Building Using Improv Comedy Techniques
  • “Building Relationships and Closing Sales” Training Workshop
  • Streamlining Business Systems Using Mobile Tech
  • Business Growth and Development (Franchising, Licensing and Self Expansion)